This course introduces key concepts and the basics of leading discussion, preparing a reading selection, asking effective follow-up questions, and conducting Great Books program activities.

Building Internal Capacity is designed for experienced practitioners who have a responsibility to mentor and coach their colleagues. This program uses both live workshop training and distance learning to deliver information that focuses on developments in Shared InquiryTM.

A 90-minute Great Books recorded webinar on ways to lead students in a close reading of a complex, content-area text.

The Junior Great Books Sampler comes with everything you need to start a Great Books classroom program. The Sampler aligns with grade 3 learning standards but may be used for grades 3–5. If you already purchased the Sampler, click on the course and enter the keycode, which you will find on page 1 of the Sampler's Teacher's Edition book. To learn more about and purchase the Sampler, please visit our online store.